Praise for the Forum

We sent three key family members and two nonfamily board members. It was definitely a catalyst for us - after jointly processing the two days at The Forum, we were able to reach consensus on a few items that had been brewing for over two years.
— Chris Herschend, Director, Herschend Family Entertainment; Manager, Covenant Capital LP

Over the last 3 years the Southeast Family Office Forum has provided me with the opportunity to explore multiple subjects, in depth, related to developing our Family Office. The personal connections with experienced Family Office executives have saved me countless hours of recreating the wheel. These colleagues provided a wealth of intuitive and practical wisdom I have not found at any other conference. Most importantly, after each conference I have walked away with proven executable strategies which increased the value of the Family Office to each family member.
— Dan Bowman, Tibbetts Holdings, LLC

I attended the SEFOF in 2014 to gain some understanding of Family Offices, as my family was considering one for ourselves. I expected to learn a lot about family offices, how they can be structured, and what they offer; and I did. What I didn’t expect was all the other immensely valuable information, perspective and understanding I gained about the complexities of family businesses and family enterprises in general. I left with literally legal pads full of ideas and information to share with my family. I will be back again this year and can’t wait to spend another three days with this group of like-minded and interesting people.
— Family Business Owner

I had the opportunity to attend my first SEFOF conference in September 2014, and it was exceptional! The conference had a unique blend of families, family offices, and professionals who serve families. I really admired the open, honest, and transparent conversations that took place between the participants, as they learned together. This conference brings interaction and connection that you don’t want to miss.
— Wanda Ortwine, Chief Family Officer for Luck Companies

My parents (G1) spoke highly of past events….I expected to hear technical information (estates, taxes, etc). The most important lesson learned is that my relationships with siblings is a huge factor in the overall success of our enterprise. The enterprise should serve and strengthen the family relationships not the other way around. (I’m coming back) …to continue developing relationships with other families in similar situations.
— G2 family member creating a new family enterprise

In my experience, some of the best lessons are learned from the experiences of others, and The Forum provides that opportunity free from the ‘trade show’ attributes of many other somewhat similar programs.
— Jim Hasson, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP; Chairman, House Hasson Hardware

Especially distinctive was the balance of families, many with representatives from multiple generations, and family office staff from both large and small offices, sharing perspectives and insights in an open yet discreet forum.
— Christine K. Galloway, Former President and CEO, Okabena Company

Having worked with high-net-worth families over the course of my 27-year career in development... I thought I had seen it all with regard to conferences and speakers. Boy, was I mistaken. I was in awe of the caliber of the presenters and participants at last year’s Forum.
— Phyllis Silverstein, Vice President, Planned Giving & Endowment, Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta

This event was truly unique because the forum topics were much deeper than the typical asset management and daily operations fare; discussions on development of family legacy statements and ways to provide multi-generational engagement were invaluable lessons not found at many events for family offices.
— Bill Pratt, Director, The Farbolin Family Office

The academic setting and small breakout sessions created a collegial atmosphere and facilitated active attendee participation. Based on my positive experience, I look forward to not only attending The Forum this fall, but involving family members in the forum.
— Beth A. Landin, Vice President, Client and Strategic Relationships, Market Street Trust Company