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Family Business: How to identify, recruit, and train a ‘Next Gen’ trustee

This session focuses on the challenge a Next Gen might encounter when seeking a trustee, independent family office/family business director, or investment committee member.

We will discuss what qualities to seek, how to assess a candidate's true fiduciary understanding, alignment of culture, ethics, family values, and overall personality fit.

Does a trustee need to be ‘old’?  A trust and estates lawyer?  A businessperson?  Or might it be a trusted and valued colleague from grad school or a close friend from church or neighbourhood? Who isn’t a good candidate and why?  What questions should one ask a potential Trustee?  What answers should one hear? 

Join us for a panel discussion featuring, Kerryn Seward of the Williams and Parker Family Office.  Kerryn is a family office manager, with a non-traditional background, who advises the family on communication, governance and the stewardship of family assets; and Nick Djuric of Bowden Spratt Law Firm.  Gailen Krug is the panel moderator,  whose family office experience includes having served as fiduciary trustee for 25 years, and an Investment Committee member for 20 years, and a privately held trust company independent director for 9 years.  Additionally she has served as an Independent Director of three corporations, and as an Advisory Board member for 12 private equity funds. 

Kerryn Seward, Williams and Parker Family Office
Nick Djuric, Bowden Spratt Law Firm

Moderator: Gailen Krug