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Family Business Session: Family Enterprise Strategy and Leadership

There are many complexities that come with being a Family Enterprise. What starts out as a family business gradually evolves into multiple businesses, major real estate holdings, multi-generational ownership structures and investment portfolios, along with visibility in the community and in your philanthropy.  Successful families need a thoughtful way to plan for, organize and oversee these complex family activities and prepare the next generation for leadership.

This presentation will show families how to:

  • Create a shared vision for their family’s future
  • Develop a Family Enterprise mindset
  • Define enterprise goals and strategies
  • Understand the importance of governance
  • Develop family learning about the enterprise 

This presentation is for families who can sense that they have grown bigger than their business and need to develop a plan for managing all of the disparate parts of their Family Enterprise, today and into the future.

Speaker: Alexandre Monnier, President Family Office Exchange