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Family Connection Session: Strengthening Bonds: Promoting Stronger Families through Compassionate and Empathic Communication

This session will investigate how business families can strengthen connectedness by implementing some of the compassionate communication ideas of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. The goal is to help us connect with others on the basic premise that we all have an innate desire to contribute positively to each other. Dr. Rosenberg puts forth a communication framework that focuses on: empathetically listening and honestly expressing, our observations, feelings, needs and requests. The ultimate goal is to understand how we can elevate our communication by observing without judging, thoughtfully expressing our feelings, understanding our needs, and accurately requesting actions that will meet our needs. Overlaying this framework on the Business Family environment allows us to manage conflict, better understand one another and connect more deeply.

Speakers: Cynthia Moe & Mark Feinknopf