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Table Topics

Please join your fellow SEFOF attendees for important smaller group discussions on subjects of interest to anyone involved in family business and enterprise.  Groups will range in size depending on interest and each discussion will be lightly facilitated by individuals experienced in the topic.  Come and share what’s on your mind, seek answers to your specific questions, offer insight and advice from your own personal experiences….or just listen to what others have to say.  This session is meant to offer open, unstructured conversation around the topics that are on your mind.

Successful Family Business Succession – How to do transition well

This discussion will focus on important elements of successful family business succession.  Topics might include when to begin planning for succession, how and when to involve family in the conversation, training and mentorship, when to step away, where and how to find outside advisors, and how to pass down financial and governance roles and responsibilities.

Generational Succession - Having the right conversations

This discussion will focus on the specific conversations that are necessary to assure successful generational transition. Come to discuss and understand what is needed to prepare and develop your next generation of family leaders and governors. 

Engagement of the Next Generation - Defining engagement

This discussion will explore engaging the next generation and how to help you define, develop and encourage of the next generation within your family enterprise.  Come see how defining engagement can help both the current generation and the rising generation understand “where they stand”, where they want to go, and how to get there.

Family Education - Successful wealth education program

This discussion will explore building a successful wealth education program for your family and important topics such as education for children and teenagers, parenting children of wealth, education for board development, wealth and responsibility.  Come discuss how to assess your family’s unique wealth education needs and what are some resources available to help build an effective family education program.

Investments  - A general discussion

This discussion will cover a broad array of topics specific to family investment.  We will cover important questions such as the essential considerations in determining the appropriate asset allocation for your family’s investment portfolio; some best practices to improve the tax efficiency of your portfolio; and, typical responsibilities of and structures of investment committee.   

Healthy Communication  - Leveraging critical conversations to support family thriving

This discussion will focus on the importance of healthy communication among family.   Often times the most important conversations prove to be the most difficult, especially when emotions run strong, stakes are high, and opinions vary.  Come explore why these conversations are so difficult, learn the steps and practice the skills for approaching your conversations differently so that you can be the agent of change to help your family make great decisions together.

Strategic Philanthropy

This discussion will focus on the ways in which successful families transition from transactional to transformational philanthropy while building deeper family relationships across the generations.  Strategic Philanthropy activates and moves families towards a multigenerational legacy that combines the time, talents, values, and resources of that family to create transformational change in the world.  

Private Trust Companies - Hot topics

This discussion will explore many hot topics surrounding private trust companies.  Come and share in conversation around best practices for developing strong trustee and beneficiary relationships, the purpose and role of a discretionary distribution committee, and how much and what types of insurance  private trust companies require.  Come share what is on your mind regarding private trust companies.


Earlier Event: September 24
Continental Breakfast
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