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Family Office Session: When Does my Family Need a Private Family Trust Company?

A private family trust company (PFTC) is a state-chartered entity which serves as a fiduciary for a defined group of family members. In this session we will explore the primary reasons families establish a PFTC and discuss the most common structures. Each family is unique but there many similarities when considering the pros, cons and proper timing for establishing a PFTC to serve as a common fiduciary. Shared family values, long-term family governance and succession planning, liability protection for family members, limiting liability for the persons (who would otherwise determine distributions as a trustee), freedom to select a particular state’s trust laws best suited for the family’s current and future fiduciary needs and reduction in fiduciary costs are just few of the advantages. Families that already have an established family office are in an excellent position to add a PFTC structure and leverage their trusted advisory team to operate the private family trust company. This reduces personnel cost and creates synergies in investment advisory, tax and estate planning and fiduciary services. Our experienced panel will delve into the reasons the families they serve decided to form a PFTC, the structures they chose, and the lessons learned along the way.

SPEAKERS: Kim Kusilek, Louise Maultsby Bristol, Richard Johnson, Steve Smitherman

Earlier Event: September 24