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Family Business Session: Mapping the Family Business Paradox: Family First vs Business First

How do we deal with conflict that is tearing our business apart? How do we maintain family bonds when there is no alignment on vision or strategies? Our panelists have faced extraordinarily complex issues which entangled their businesses, ownership, strategy and management. The difficult decisions they faced involved the most common paradox in family business – Family first? or Business first? The good news for business-owning families is that the challenges of dealing with a paradox can be managed. As these family members tell their story, we will complete a mapping of their decisions using the Polarity Mapping Tool. This tool is useful to understand and balance polarities in paradox or dilemma situations of any sort. You will learn to use the Polarity Mapping tool and take it home to help you resolve dilemmas in your own family business.

Later Event: September 24