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Family Business Session: Managing Paradox and Polarity in Family Business: Finding the Third Way

Family business leaders are constantly managing the tension between the rules of business and the rules of family. Often, these tensions take the form of polarities, which might be described as seemingly opposite states that must coexist overtime for success to occur (i.e. profits and purpose, invest and harvest, structure and flexibility, stability and change, organizational interests and family interests). What if we could transcend the either/or thinking that frequently accompanies these inherent tensions and embody both/and thinking in our leadership, families, organizations, and lives? Understanding polarities, the Transformational Third Way, and the vulnerability required to stand in the tension of the “AND” can help us do that. In this interactive session, Kelly Lewis of Lewis Leadership Group, will introduce us to the Polarity Navigator, a sense-making tool designed to help leaders, families, teams, and organizations differentiate and then reintegrate the two interdependent states of a polarity while also making space to explore the vulnerability needed to navigate the contradiction. Participants will walk away with the key family business polarities essential to success and a practical tool to help their families and organizations navigate the polarities essential to family business success.

SPEAKER: Kelly Lewis

Later Event: September 24