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Family Business Session II: Who does what? Creating an Accountability Grid

When the founder owns and runs the family business, responsibilities and lines of communication are clear. But as the business grows, non-family management joins the team, shares come to be owned by siblings and cousins – some of whom don’t work in the business – and the family branches out, responsibilities may become tangled and lines of communication get disrupted. During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn how to develop an Accountability Grid, including: defining roles, identifying key decisions, allocating decision-making power, and making sure interested parties are consulted or notified. You’ll meet families who have used this powerful took and see how it can help you. You will leave this interactive workshop with a draft grid and the tools you need to bring your board, senior management team, shareholders and family into the process.

SPEAKERS: Amy Renkert-Thomas, Kiki Mahar