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Family Office Session: Strategic Planning for the Family Office—The Difference Between Merely Surviving and Successfully Thriving

After a family has created wealth in a family business, they naturally want success in their family office. Understanding the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities facing your family office and taking those into consideration in developing strategic goals will help your family meet its ever-changing needs. At this session, our panel will address questions such as “How do you know when you need a strategic plan?; “ How do you get started?”; “What are the essential components of an effective strategic plan?”; “How do you know what the appropriate time period is to include in a strategic plan?”; “How do you develop and implement strategic goals?”; and, “How do you know if your plan is successful?”. Come hear about how our panel members have faced the challenge of developing and implementing successful strategic plans.

Robert Crosby
Chris Galloway
Greg Rogers

Earlier Event: September 25
Later Event: September 25
Peer Group Table Topics & Lunch