Family Office

This track is intended to provide content on the structure and management of the family office. From the formation of the office through advance planning techniques and organization structure for multigenerational families, this track facilitates discussion and training for governance and staffing at all stages of the evolution of a family office. This track provides interactive sessions, panel discussions and other formats and is led by family members, family office executives and practitioners.

Family Business

Many of the constituents of The Forum have active enterprises that provide the basis of the family’s wealth and the ongoing income.  These sessions offer insight into methods for sustaining the family enterprise, managing the diverse and often conflicting needs of the family and the enterprise and best practices for employing family members, succession planning and integrating the mission of the business and the family into a coordinated plan. This track uses panel discussions, interactive sessions, workshops and other formats led by business owners and practitioners.

Family Connection 

Keeping the family together amidst the pressures of an active and expanding enterprise can be a significant challenge even for the most successful business leader.  The sessions in this track are centered around methods and practices that build ties that bind between and among generations. Multi-generation families that have successfully navigated the “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” dilemma have utilized effective practices to keep the family united behind its own mission rather than the wealth.  Additionally, all families reach a juncture where the focus shifts to legacy. Content in this session can include insight into effective methods to secure the long term impact of the family work and philosophy. Creating strategies for passing along purposeful missions and value to the generations to come requires commitment to prioritizing and openness to the evolution of interest and passions that come with each generation. Topics considered for the family ties track include communication, mission, education, philanthropy and family history. All are focused on keeping the family together, and include leadership development, education and philanthropy.

Next Gen

For a family enterprise to succeed, the rising generation of leaders needs to be engaged and prepared for the challenges of both the family and the business. In this track, we will explore specific questions that plague the rising generation. Each breakout is designed to teach a specific skill to the rising leaders of the family enterprise. Topics in this track will cross reference other tracks, and are designed for the next generation of leaders, though anyone is welcome to attend.