Digital Awareness: The Identity Crisis

Monday September 24, 2018

8:00 AM-11:30 AM

Today’s children and teens are looking for affirmation and in the wrong places. Their self-esteem and self-confidence are on a downward spiral. Today, children and teens don’t see a need for a best friend when they have “Snapscores”, numbers of “Likes,” and numbers of “Followers.” Smartphones, Gaming and Social Media are the new norm for our youth. Do you feel like you live in a foreign culture when you communicate with your child/teen? You are not alone. Communication is a lost art, replaced by social media apps and gaming. Anxiety, Depression, Self-harm, Cyberbullying, Fear of Missing Out (FoMo), and Suicidal Thoughts are on the rise. Social Media and Gaming are now considered forms of addiction and mental disorders. The Digital Age is shaping who we are and what we think. Recognizing the impact of the Digital Age on our life, both now and in the future is a vital part of guiding, growing and preserving our family legacy.



  • Explore what the Digital Age looks like

  • Look at negative and positive effects on our youth

  • Identify ways our children and teens are cultivating their relationships

  • Learn ways to engage your family outside the digital world

  • Build family covenants that include technology disciplines


Target Audience:

Parents and Family Leaders


Presented by:

FamilyPath Consulting: Teddie Ussery, Melissa Malloy, Nancy Thornton



Teddie GICC photo_8_13_18.jpg

Teddie Ussery

Teddie is the Founder and President of Family Office Matters, LLC, a unique firm that offers very personal and customized services to single and multi-client families.  Teddie also offers consulting and advisory services to ultra high net worth wealth management groups and family office industry clients. Over the past 30 years, Teddie has worked to develop the Family Office concept integrating family dynamics and intergenerational issue of assets and inheritances.

Prior to founding Family Office Matters, LLC in 2006, Teddie served as Family Office Director and Senior Vice President of Synovus Financial where she built and managed their Family Asset Management Group before retiring from Synovus with 25 years of service. Teddie also served as Senior Managing Director for Education and Consulting for The Family Wealth Alliance, where she led the firm’s family education and private consulting initiatives until 2012. Having a passion for family education, Teddie Co-Founded FamilyPath Consulting, LLC in 2018 which offers a comprehensive education program helping families preserve their values through the generations. 

Teddie is a noted conference presenter and serves in collaboration with industry family office providers. 


Melissa Malloy

Melissa Malloy is a co-founder and Managing Partner of FamilyPath Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in preserving family legacies for multi-generations.  FamilyPath is a comprehensive education program that focuses on growth and development of future family leaders to preserve their legacy.  The firm’s structured approach provides opportunities throughout the stages of life that reinforce family values and mission.  They provide planning, education, experiences, coaching, accountability and reinforcement every step of the way.

In addition to being a Managing Partner of FamilyPath Consulting, Melissa also is the CEO/ President of Pathway Consulting.  She brings over 20 years’ experience in the global payments space.  She consults with B2B companies and individuals specializing in Client Experience Management, Strategic Planning, Leadership Development & Executive Coaching, Process Improvement, and Employee Engagement.  She works with all levels of leadership to deliver on their brand promise, make customers for life, and create highly engaged leaders and teams. 

Melissa is a skilled facilitator and public speaker.  She is a certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer and part of the John Maxwell Team.

Nancy Thornton.jpg

Nancy Thornton

Nancy is a co-founder and Partner of FamilyPath Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in preserving family legacies for multi-generations.  FamilyPath focuses on development of future generations with a goal of preserving the values, vision and legacy of multi-generation families.  They provide educational experiences combined with coaching.

Nancy combines over 25 years of experience in corporate learning and development with a passion to see families succeed in today’s fast paced world.  She serves as a coach, facilitator and content developer for FamilyPath Consulting.  She is a certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer through the John Maxwell Team organization.