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Keynote Address - Tom Rogerson

The Culture Of Independence Isn’t All It’s Cut Out To Be: The Six-Step Process to Healthy Family Interdependence

Within a family’s culture, Tom Rogerson refers to the trend of “hyper-individualism” as “independence to the point of estrangement.” The goal of this session is to unearth why “hyper-individualism” is occurring within high net worth families and to explore the effects of this trend on family cohesion, business succession, and wealth preservation. Affluent families often miss the importance of setting the right “family culture” until problems arise. Yet the consequences of the wrong culture have the highest lasting negative effect on their spouses, significant others, and their children. Building a culture of family “interdependence” and of “working together” can be threatening to wealth creators who sometimes believe this could undermine their control of the family. What are successful multi-generational families doing to intentionally create a family culture of interdependence? Attendees will leave this session with an understanding of engaging actionable steps they can take to affect positive change in their families.

  • We will examine why wealthy parents often unknowingly encourage an unhealthy level of independence in their children. Often the roots of their motivation to do so comes from their own family background and culture. What parts of that background should we keep and what parts should we discard?

  • We will discuss the problem of conflict avoidance and the damage it does to the whole family. How do we practice and manage conflict rather than avoid it? If lack of trust around group decision making is the root cause of conflict avoidance, how do we intentionally build, rebuild, and keep trust? 

  • We will describe the Six Step Process to Healthy Family Governance. Families that have preserved their family culture and their wealth for multiple generations often use these six steps in each of their family meetings as agenda items to be covered yearly.  Attendees will learn what successful families cover in their meetings and why. Most importantly, attendees will come away with actionable, practical, and fun ideas that will can be added to family meetings to create a lasting and multi-generational family legacy. 

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