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Family Office Session I: Family Office 101

While each family office is as unique as the individuals and families that it serves, there are fundamental questions to ask and steps to take in developing one. Our panel of experienced family office executives will discuss their experiences and answer questions about establishing and growing a flexible and lasting family office. Some topics that will be addressed are: Does my family need a family office? If so, what is its scope & purpose? What type of family office will it be? Should it be a virtual family office, single family office or multi-family office? What is the proper structure, governance, and organizational design for our family office? What is the cost of a family office? What role does the family play in the family office? What services should be delivered by the family office? What is the process to decide this? Should they be insourced or outsourced? What are the processes for managing human resources? Family Office 101 is a highly interactive session that promises active discussion between participants and panelists.

SPEAKERS: Anne Jones, Jennifer Eaton, Spence Maners, William Taylor